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The first " Cyprus International Conference & Expo" was organized on 19 October 2016, at the Filoxenia Conference Center, in Nicosia, Cyprus, with the co-operation of A.C.T.A. (Association of Cyprus Travel Agents) and proved to be a very successful event!

Stay tuned for the " Cyprus International Conference & Expo 2017" !!!

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ACTE - Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises

ACTE - Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises

The Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises (ACTE) was founded in June 1997 by a group of tourism entrepreneurs who share the common view that the development of quality and sustainable tourism is a one-way road for Cyprus Tourism.  Therefore, ACTE is composed of a group of prominent top quality hotels and tourist enterprises all over Cyprus. 

The credo of ACTE and its raison d’être is the strong need for planning, development and management of a quality tourism product in Cyprus. The total quality approach was adopted for two fundamental reasons – it can bring success RF beauty machine  from the marketing standpoint and, at the same time, benefit local residents and the environment. This is the reason why our Association only accepts as members quality hotels.  Each and every one of our members is totally devoted to quality.  

Our mission is to play a constructive role vis-à-vis the government and the private sector, so as to enhance the image, quality and efficiency of the hotel and tourism industry in Cyprus.  

Through substantiated standpoints, systematic research and in-depth studies, ACTE has been a driving force for the necessary quality improvement and upgrading of Cyprus tourism product.